Below is a list of equipment  from a very old document,  with  spec's for WW2 Radio Equipment and possibly early 1950's radios.
This page is dedicated to Wilbur WDEL  Who kept every scrap of paper that passed through his hands.
This page was developed by  KIP  ,,  I hoped it helped you find some information about  radios many of which are  fairly obscure.
Trying to keep history alive..
you have my permission to re-package this information anyway you please as long as it's disseminated free of charge. please if possible give credit to Wilbur..


Radio Transmitter  0A-60B/FRT
Radio Transmitter 12-ACX-2
Radio Transmitter 12-GLX-2
Radio Transmitter 99A
Radio Set AN/CRT-5
Radio Set AN/FRC-6
Radio Set AN/FRC-7
Radio Set AN/FRC-10
Diversity Receiving AN/FRR-3
Radio Receiving set AN/FRR-12
Radio Transmitter AN/FRT-4
Radio Transmitter AN/FRT-5
Radio Transmitter AN/FRT-6
Radio Transmitter AN/FRT-15
Radio Set AN/GRC-27
Radio Set AN/GRC30
Radio Set AN/GRC-32
Radio Receiver AN/GRR-7
Radio Transmitter AN/GRT-2
Radio Transmitter AN/GRT-3
Radio Shelter AN/MRC-2A
Radio Transmitter AN/GRT-3
Radio Set (shelter)  AN/MRC-2
Radio Set  AN/TRC-1
Radio Set  AN/TRC-3
Radio Set AN/TRC-4
Radio Set  AN/TRC-8
Radio Relay Equipment AN/TRC-30
Radio Receiver AN/URR-13
Radio Set AN/VRC-2
Radio Set AN/VRC4
Radio Receiver BC639A
Radio Receiver BC342N
Radio Transmitter  BC339M
Radio Receiver BC334D
Radio Transmitter  BC365F
Radio Transmitter BC610D
Radio Transmitter BC640D
Radio Receiver BC799A
Radio Receiver BC1421
Radio Receiver R-129-U
Radio Receiver RBA-6
Radio Transmitter RC-257A
Radio Receiver RC-256C
Radio Set  SCR-643A
Radio Set SCR-499A
Radio Set SCR-624B
Radio Set SCR-644A
Radio Transmitter T-4/FRC
Radio Transmitter T-5/FRC
Radio Transmitter T-158C/FRT
Radio Transmitter T-171B/FR
Radio Transmitter T-177/FR
Radio Transmitter T-198/FR
Radio Transmitter TDN


Wilbur is on the left 

Right is kip