Hello,   KIP in Idaho,        my home page  http://www.pocatelloarc.org/k0ip

this book is a copy from my friend WDEL (SK)  in Shawnee, Kansas

Sorry about the mess I made doing this PDF..
to make make it worse my scanner decided to kick me out, 
SO there are two PDF's for the complete book
I hope this helps someone out there in radio land   73 k0ip

A Note:  ONE CLICK on either of these two links should start a download
               on my computer (firefox) I don't see the download indicator doing anything until the file is almost 100% downloaded ???
              you might want to open your
task manager and check your internet connection for activity..   ??   
            Just be advised , its probably happening , they are big files

Scan one of two, (11mb) has instructions, how to program,   and covers
152-172 MHZ

Scan  two of two, (13mb)    
440 to 512 mHz