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my first cat, Mrs Puss  very early 1950's                Kansas
Throughout my life I've have my little furry friends,  my cat's
They all have been part of our family. 
I've loved them all. and I am so hurt when they have to go
Midnight  mid 1950's she lived until the 70's          Kansas
not sure how to spell it, I made it up   "yette kitty"  midnight's son. Kansas
Peanut #1, A fine little black kitten she wasn't with us long,  died young  
Peanut #2,  1987  lived at all three houses in Pocatello  seen on our Christmas cards. A very nice cat. She lived a long happy life. Kind and gentle.  to 2002
Snowy: 1988  came with our house on Promise Ln.  , he's  on the right      :
Thats Baby  ,  Peanut,   and Snowy .      maybe lived 4 years ?
Baby,  1988   Peanut #2 son.  Went out one night never returned.? Pocatello
Brain,  2000,  only lived 6 or so months, the very best cat I ever had.
asleep 4-4-2001              She changed my life with kindness
Brain:   She was my special friend and constant
companion the very best kitty cat a person could have  John Wilson
  PINKY,  a very smart cat, somehow she learned to reach up and "flip" the door knocker to get our attention to get into the house,  went out one night didn't return ?   Pocatello


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Praline : she wasn't around long, died of the same thing Brain had ??      asleep 2002
EMMA   first live with Jennifer for a few months then moved in with us  late 2002
asleep 9 march 2015

A fine gentle cat with wonderful fur.  She didn't like Naula one bit ??


Naula, was Ethans cat,  his new brother Levi was allergic..  she moved in with us
in 2009 +/- . :died 2023