This article was lifted from Spectrum Monitor Magazine,  an on line only magazine,  with some great articles,
and  some not so interesting at least for me.    I  KØIP  , having enjoyed 60 years of ham radio, unfortunately
seeing the end of  ham radio that resembles my ham radio in the 60's-to the 2000's is a bit  disheartening .

Like in the article above,   I see Ham Radio  vanishing into the history books.   Too much reliance on the internet. Where you make contacts  and have NO idea who you just talked to .

back in the olden days, you had to turn that big knob, you know the one on the front of the radio, search up and down the band for DX, 
today,  Click  its been spotted  and there's a pile up within 10 microseconds.    Hams could string up a dipole without going to the ham store and laying down big $Bucks for a piece of wire.
they would at least try to fix things, may even warm up the soldering iron. 

so it is,   I hope  ham radio doesn't totally  go to this silly digital mode,   73 KØIP