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For Sale in Italy

Hello my name is maximum, radio amateur  iz3wwo, I write from Italy,

I have this transceiver, collins618T2, Tested and Working, that I would like to sell
Just the Radio no controls or cables,  in good working condition
I sell it for $ 350, negotiable. conditions like new.
for photos and information:
Whats-App: 0039 (Italy) 327 4432193

Is it possible
to place details as below regarding the selling of this Power Supply. I
think that it will work with the ARC-58, ARC-75 some versions of the 618
and the ARC-105.
I have a 3 phase/400 Hertz/115 volt solid state power supply which have
for sale. It is in working condition and there is a large amount of spares
to go with it.

I have used it with my ARC-105 (Google ARC-105) but now have a mains
operated supply so do not need the PP-2352.

The model for sale is a PP-2352 and it is rated at 3 Kva maximum.

Cost would be $250 plus shipping.

Kind regards,

Phil Grimison
VE6ABW   phillip.grimison((at))


for sale
I have three 400Hertz 115 volt rotary inverters (dynamotors/genemotors) which are available.
They require 24/28 volts to drive the motor and provide regulated adjustable 120 volts at about 5 amps. Single phase though.
Phillip Grimison <phillip.grimison((at))>        VE6ABW

for sale
426T-1 400 hz power supply , and one module extender, 546-3455-004 for use with 618T low voltage power supply.
contact Steve  tc0654((at))   open  for offers,

for sale .....

I have lot of 618T spares (at least 10ea 618T/ARC-102 units but not all of them are complete..)
so if someone needs something give me an email Also some spare parts for 490T tuner available

Jan Sander, PA3GON      

For Sale, 
complete 618T-2 Radio,   $200
+ shipping from zip 45036. 
Also open to trades (looking for 426T-1, 490T-1, 488A-2)

John   WD8INC


Want to buy a 618T-3B.

Please contact me with details of what you have for sale at  bobjarn((at))
Also, do you any good leads on how to get about 2100VA 3 phase at 115VAC 400HZ each leg?  24VDC or 115
or 230VAC at 60Hz would be good for me.   I recently bought a 718U-4B 400 watt unit which I understand to be
a  retrofit for the 618T series.
Tnx  73 Bob K8RJ

618T extenders; these are available , not priced out of sight like on ebay !
looking for a TSC-60,  anyone with any info please contact me.

kf5rxv((at))  Frank KF5RXV


cable set, any and or all, for the mrc-95  jeep radio set  WD4FFN

803 412-5009 Cell Anytime.


Do You have  something related to the 618 for sale, now's your chance ! its free ,contact john